Recent Before & After Photos

Water damage in Radiology Office

SERVPRO of SW Bakersfield was called out to a water damage in an exam room of a radiology office. The baseboards had swollen and the floor was wet. SERVPRO remo... READ MORE

Mold Remediation

SERVPRO of SW Bakersfield was called out to home that had a long term water heater leak that led to mold growth in the garage and laundry room. SERVPRO removed ... READ MORE

Warehouse Cleanup

SERVPRO of SW Bakersfield was contacted by a local Commercial Property Management company to cleanup a warehouse that had been broken in to by squatters that ha... READ MORE

Soot and smoke cleanup - Bakersfield

SERVPRO was called out to a house fire and packed out the few items that were possibly restorable. The whole house was affected, and the homeowner wanted certai... READ MORE

SERVPRO saves the day!

SERVPRO of SW Bakersfield was called out to a bookstore to clean up fecal matter that was smeared on the wall outside of the main entrance. We responded quickly... READ MORE

Ceiling Collapse

SERVPRO was called out to a home that had a pipe in ceiling that caused the ceiling to collapse and cave in. SERVPRO came to the rescue and cleaned up all ... READ MORE

Roof Leak Causes Severe Damage to Plaster in Bedroom

SERVPRO responded to a water damage caused by a roof leak during rain storms. The ceiling and walls were drenched and SERVPRO had to demo the plaster ceiling an... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Bakersfield Movie Theater

Commercial water damage struck this Bakersfield movie theater when a plumbing line within the walls leaked. Naturally, the theater owners were anxious to have t... READ MORE

Carpet Stain Removal

SERVPRO was asked to help try and get a carpet stain out of a bedroom that was going to be used by family members arriving for a high school graduation. The cus... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Bakersfield Residence

Fire damage at this Bakersfield Condo began in the living room when a cigarette was left unattended. The fire had destroyed the living room and furniture before... READ MORE